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We now offer follow-up appointments by Zoom video-links (telemedicine) for select cases (your vet will advise on suitability). These are priced lower than our face-to-face consultations and we believe they're convenient too. So why not give them a try?


  • Telemedicine appointments are for up to 15 minutes.

  • Choose your date and timeslot from the availability.

  • Book and pay online. 

  • Once confirmed you will receive a Zoom link by email.


At present telemedicine consultations are only available for follow-up appointments i.e. they are not suitable for animals that we have not recently seen in clinics, or for diagnosing new conditions in animals we have already seen. 

Please respect that we may have other calls waiting so we will be strict on timing.


At the end of the consultation you will be emailed a short report on the consultation which will include details of where to collect any prescriptions if necessary. Should a prescription be required then details on how you can pay for this will be included. 


Prices :

  • Video consultation is £40.00

  • Prescription fee is £15.00 per medication.

Our vets will not be available on video services outside of the agreed consultation time and any such calls will not be answered. If you need to speak to one of our vets or nurse please ring 0333 800 1602.

We appreciate your patience as we bed in this new appointment system. Please note that we have a zero-tolerance approach to unnecessary bad language, verbal abuse and other unacceptable behaviours and we reserve the right to end the call in such situations.

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