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The Origin Vets’ team have a wide experience of zoological collections of all sizes. These can vary from small private collections, falcon breeding centres, wildlife rescue centres through to full-sized zoos and we can offer veterinary packages appropriate to the size and scope of your collection. 


Typically our service to you will include veterinary attention to your animals as needed, routine visits (the frequency of which will be agreed upon at the time we are officially engaged), reports and remote support. We can help with biosecurity issues plus the veterinary and husbandry management of your collection and aid in your compliance with legislation such as the Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (Lance is a UK government appointed Zoo Inspector), Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and the Balai Directive. We can act as Official Veterinarians for the import and export of livestock where necessary.


We have members in the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarian


Our day-today work places us in an excellent position to aid and advise local authorities and government departments with zoo and non-domestic animal related issues, including pet shop inspections and LAIA.

We can offer professional services to fish farms of all types; Lance is approved for Section 30 Health checks.


Origin Vets has several higher education establishments as clients. We can offer specialist veterinary preventative and clinical clinical care for the range of animals typically kept for student experience for Animal Care courses and are happy to help with student questions too.

Supply of Veterinary Medicines to Animal Collections, Zoos and Commercial Clients

Because some of our clients are geographically widespread they may be some distance from their nearest practicable Origin Vets’ partner surgery; we have therefore had to develop a policy on the provision of veterinary medicines and services. This applies particularly to our clients with zoos, falconry centres, falcon breeding projects, wildlife rehabilitation centres, reptile rescue centres, exotic animal encounter centres and other commercial or larger collections. Our policy is outlined below:

We appreciate that sometimes interim medications may be needed for an animal(s) until such a time that it can be examined by a veterinarian. However as veterinarians we are required by legislation only to prescribe medication to animals that are under our care, which is strictly defined as animals that we have physically examined and have come to an evidence-based diagnosis.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has interpreted the phrase ‘under his or her care’ as meaning that:

  1. The vet must have been given the responsibility for the health of the animal or herd by the owner or the owner’s agent.

  2. That responsibility must be real and not nominal.

  3. The animal or herd must have been seen immediately before prescription or,

  4. Recently enough or often enough for the veterinary surgeon to have personal knowledge of the condition of the animal or current health status of the herd or flock to make a diagnosis and prescribe

  5. The veterinary surgeon must maintain clinical records of that herd/flock/individual.


In emergency or interim situation and with a client with whom we have up to date knowledge of their facility and stock based upon a provision of regular visits, if we feel it is appropriate we are able to prescribe medications following telephone discussion (which may also include acceptance of images, video footage or a telemedicine consultation, all at the discretion of the veterinarian) of the animal in question.  To receive such a service the facility must have an existing arrangement with Origin Vets to provide routine visits of a frequency appropriate to the size of facility and the number of animals held or bred.  Some of our larger zoo clients have weekly visits while some of our smaller wildlife rehabilitation centres have bi-annual visits.  Visit frequency and cost are arranged following a visit to your centre. Free telephone advice is available to clients who receive routine visits by Origin Vets.

If a client is not registered with Origin Vets, or our contact with that client is such that we feel we cannot comply in good faith with the legislation, then we will be unable to accede with medication or advice requests and a consultation or a visit will be required.

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